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About Us

The practice of geomancy spirituals entails the gift of talent. While theoretical courses can facilitate the process of acquiring knowledge in this field, practical experiences remains the crux. Despite being equipped with forty three years of experience, I am humbled to be on this never-ending journey of learning. Should you feel inspired to learn more, do feel welcome to arrange for an appointment. The concept of Fengshui is highly sought after by businessmen and individuals alike. This pursuit for good fortune can be significantly enhanced should there be a match of energy telepathy (ba-zi) between the master and the individual. To ascertain the presence of the energy telepathy, a consultation can be performed.

About Myself
My interest in geomancy and spirituality was ignited after the exposure to my neighbour who was one of the Taoist masters. At that time, watching the intriguing powers and mysteries of this trade have led me to experience the many life-changing abilities that can be bestowed upon others. Correspondingly, I undertook the onus to embark on this journey from a tender age of eleven. In the blink of an eye, these experiences have largely shaped and guided my fifty five years of life. The vast knowledge that has been acquired is unceasing; there will always be more to learn. Moreover, an understanding of the rich histories in the BC and the AC times is pertinent to building the foundation for geomancy. The incumbents of Fengshui placed great reliance on the wonders of nature to perform - the mastery of this art serves to complement contemporary instruments.


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